Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Syd Debates Announcing Her Candidacy for Public Office...on a HORK!

With Presidential elections merely YEARS away, politicians are jumping on and off the bandwagon daily. But the one person we have still never elected to office is a woman! (Not to mention a woman BARN OWL!) Why quibble with details? Syd is practicing standing upon a pedestal in case she chooses to throw her talons into the fray...with one, small caveat: Sir Humps-A-Lot probably gonna knock her up before her interview on FOX NEWS so chances are we are merely witnessing her fascination for "faux eggs" she can actually use for Pilates...the Olympics in London would be a perfect audition for the next series of films featuring wizards, young boys, and their Magic Owls! Must stay in shape.

Or, she is standing on a HORK for reasons no mortal shall ever comprehend. Either way, looks like the start of C2 at Owlceanside "As the Hork Turns."

Thanks again, Owlluver for nailing this moment: priceless!
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