Sunday, May 15, 2011

Was Last Night the LAST NIGHT?

Dear MODS,

Some bad news, some good news: according to Carlos, any night now could be our last for "The Return of the Owlets of C3" so...hope you're getting a little...frankly, I don't buy this "Last Night" business! Especially having witnessed two owlets climb back INTO their owlbox 2 or 3 nights WRONG WAY, DO NOT ABORT FLEDGE BY RETURNING TO INSIDE OF THE OWLBOX, DEET! DEET! DEET! MOLLY HAS A  COMPELLING REASON FOR DEETING,
y'all and it's to beckon you up, up, and AWAY!
Not hop, flap, WHAP! & back into the box we go awaiting pizza delivery!
Is Wesley tutoring you on those fly-abouts we can't see? Kinda looks like it....WESLEY!

That said, once /if they DO fledge to the point of Molly chasing them off like she did with widdle Wesley, we all know what beckons! C4? So...stay tuned!

Apologies to all, my screenshots from the CarlosCam are poor quality, but we gets what we gots...
so, here is an image of C3 flying off, off, and away.....

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  1. Unfortunately, watching UScream is making my computer run way too hot. I've already had to replace a hard drive, just after C2. My computer was only 6 months old, too! I can only peek, occasionally, Dangit! Perhaps if there is a C4, I can watch it on hubby's, when he isn't around.

  2. We consulted The Oracle: C4 will be broadcast in
    living color, including KOWL, the presentation of Carlos's new coffee table book, Molly the Owl's continuing recognition of excellence with more awards and reviews, new songs, more picnics, and
    everyone lives happily ever after, we just knows it!