Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As you all know, me and the Blehmster got some mano a mano quality time last year in his Quest to find whatever it was he was looking for...our fireside chats reconnected him with his "inner muse" and I learned how easily mountain men confuse guinea pigs for hamsters. And have learned to forgive him. On a good day.

So, what a year 2011's been for the Blehm, and guess what, MODS?
Our author/historian/storyteller/Muse of the Owl Realm is just beginning to receive literary adulation and national recognition faster than he can bound up to 9,000 feet with a little piggie on his shoulder! The season's just begun and he's already in the finals for two major book awards, not to mention Carlos's whisperings of a movie in the works? I will be playing the part of myself, of course. So, Carlos, have "your people" call "my piggies" and they'll check my schedule. It's buried beneath hay at
the moment. (Or...we ate & pooped it!) WHATEVAH!

The Point IS that first editions of our Molly the Owl and companion coffee table books were printed
in limited numbers, meaning you either got one,  ya gonna get one, or you're outta luck, because once they're gone, they're gone! And the publisher (Eric, go after Eric!) does not plan future printings of  either coffee table book, so...you know what to do!  (GET HIM, GET HIM GOOD!)

And while we're shopping, let's show the love, wishing Eric and his growing familia ALL THE MISCHIEF our mutinous BLACK SHEEP NATION CAN MUSTER, encouraging little Callia Jamison to get into his coffee stash when nobody's looking so you can keep him up all night! Baby-on-Java,
keeping us company as we enjoy each unexpected turn of the (not-exactly-Prime-Time)
soap opera: "C-3: As the Clutch Fledges." (HORK-A-HA-HA!)
Baby-on-Java! As the Clutch Fledges NOT: Let's all "Squeeeee for C3!" (you too, Callia!)

Congrats Eric, Chris, Carlos, and - last but not least - Molly & McGee, the most famous barn
owls in the WORLD!

YumYum has LEFT the building! (((Horks & Hisses & Guinea Pig Kisses!)))
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  1. Yeah and Congratulations to Carlos, Eric and Chris! Thanks for all you've done and best of luck in the next chapter of your lives.

  2. I certainly hope that some of those accolades provide him with a prize, like a horking large gift card to ConstellationBucks or sumpin'. Otherwise, really, what's the use??? Statuettes ain't gonna pay the bills, nor keep you on a caffeine high, you know what I'm saying'?

    On a more serious note...congratulations Mr. Blehm. And BTW - did you know that I am a member of AEA, AFTRA and SAG? hint, hint... you do need comic relief in any movie, you know!

    May the hits just keep on coming for everyone - Eric, Chris, Carlos, and Molly and McGee! Congratulations, and now...On to M&M v. 4.0!