Thursday, September 2, 2010

College of Molly, Part 2 of 2 - Please Read AFTER Part 1, thank you.

Oops, we ran outta room can you believe that we talk so much after mom puts lattes in our water bottles?

Our second "embedded field correspondent" faculty member here is Guinea Piggin' who will cover the Fledge should the owlets feel compelled (with fall and winter
nearly upon us) to become Snowy Owls.

As you can see, we have a nice faculty to begin with and unashamedly solicit you MODS to join with your own special credentials and post to "College of Molly" as you see fit!

This is an online participatory College whose entire success depends upon continuing MOD CONTRIBUTIONS including: favorite memories of Molly's Owl Box, uprisings, revolts, and general anarchy. Remember, we are Black Sheep! (see "History" - in future lesson - for definition of The Great Black Sheep Rebellion.) Yet, we also include the genteel members of the Chat Room, so PLEASE JOIN IN THE FUN with your own memories, definitions, suggestions, words of wisdom, and MOD Madness, without which, who would even tune in?

And now, a brief outline of the curriculum:

1. First Clutch
*Social Streamers (aka members of the "Asylum")
*Picnic attendees
*The "Creatives" emerge: Molly Mania TAKES OFF!

*Molly Withdrawal, symptoms of...
*Friday Molly Movie Night and cyber-snackage
*The Faithful

3. Carlos and Donna's Delusional "Vacation" (ha! that's a GOOD ONE!)
*"We are all packed and ready to pull out of our driveway once Wesley has fledged..." (Carlos cracks us up!)
* Carlos, ever the Realtor, sabotages his alleged "vacation" by placing "For Rent" sign on vacant owl box before departing: BIG "UH-OH" ENSUES! Carlos is all, "Oh, no they DID- N'T!" (to himself, of course!)
* McGee seduces Molly back into Owl Box immediately, conceives a new clutch, and our beloved Tauntz is served to a deeply satisfied Molly by McGee as his "Afterglow, Welcome Home, Molly!" snack.

4. Carlos begins unpacking the RV and Donna kicks him off her dining room table as Austin completes work on his award-winning documentary DVD.

5. Carlos gives up, commences UStream with new cams and sets up Command Central in his own office
as his "Staycation" begins anew: Molly Merchandise and "MOD Home Shopping Network" commence
broadcasting with savvy and song!

6. Donna approves, and everyone helps Austin's now exploding new multi-media business!
Austin's school internship "project" opens undreamt of career ops for him and DVD sales SOAR
(and continue soaring) both funding his college education & keeping the American Dream alive and thriving!

7. Molly lays 4 eggs while the Royals are tweaking Second Clutch Broadcasting tech issues so our soaring
numbers of MOD viewers receive the best the Royals can provide! Carlos is learning on the fly yet now begins settling into his continuing role as the DJ who RULES THE MOD cyber-airwaves! (Donna washes
his Hawaiian shirts when he is asleep so they are clean for each day's fresh, new broadcast.)

8. NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition features Molly...and first hatch occurs simultaneously.
   Our computer crashes.
  *NBC follows up Monday night with second national broadcast. Hatching continues!
   Our computer crashes again.

9. UStream hires Purple Goaty as official MOD Tech Guru..."improvements" are made.

10. MAYHEM ENSUES AND CONTINUES as MODS struggle to regain access of our domain
despite UStream.

11. We now join history in the making...won't you join us in writing it? be continued! WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL, MODS! CLASS PARTICIPATION WILL EARN "DINGS!"

Who loves ya, baby?
YumYum loves ya!
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  1. HIGH-larious. I will be in school, with bells on, although not SCHOOL bells (too loud) but you gotta grade on a curve, Teacher, because us classic MODs have the advantage in the early curriculum.

  2. Hee-Hee, will submit request to Committee for Review. Carlos shall be "da judge!"

  3. Yikes! Dommy is a bit worried because he is still back in elementary school. He's got a lot to do to catch up and he's not...well...the sharpest tool in the shed shall we say? However, what he lacks in smarts he makes up for with enthusiasm and the ability to entertain. Will that earn him some points?

  4. oNLY if DommyDom does his special Italian Greyhound "Hopping for Honey" dance, which
    we have heard, yet not seen...hmmm.

  5. sharpie aka c with eSeptember 2, 2010 at 10:36 PM

    Well I guess Purple Goaty's new job is keeping her from showing up in the SS stream. LMAO

  6. keeping us ALL from showing up in the SS stream!

  7. Your right Yum Yum...Goaty better work on that stupis freezing going on in the SS everynight....((hugs)) to all pigs and mamma!!

  8. Goaty almost as Stupis as mom, ya, for sure!
    Gonna get it if we don't start seein' old,
    familiar names and avy's soon! GONNA. GET. IT.
    YumYum going off on UStream evildoers, so
    AND WE SHALL TAKE IT BACK OR I am not impossibly
    handsome! (which, of course, I AM)

  9. oh, and Thank You very much, C with E! who loves ya, baby? YumYum loves ya!

  10. Yum Yum...I love right back...and you are soooo cute :)....I agree alot of newbies....I miss the old days....but guess what?? Goaty showed up last night...and of course went on talking about Sees Candy....of course I always get a kick of of her...not sure if anyone else does..but who cares...I DO!!...We dont have the Sees candy here on the east coast...but Goaty sure made all of them sound good...I left the SS wanting alot of chocolate last night...but none to be found in my house...especially when my daughter has "that time of the month" Give mamma hugs and hisses from me...

  11. C with E: this is what we do with our chocolate covered nuts when they are imperiled with mom's hormonal mood swings: hide them in the freezer beneath veggies she hates, like frozen spinach! She never looks there, and once she goes to bed
    we simply defrost, devour, and go into choco-comas, that's how piggies do it! good luck.

  12. Yum-Yum...thanks so much for the suggestion...although I will have to come up with something different since daughter is a vegetarian.....oh I know...I will hide chocolate under pile of clothes in her room...she will never look there!!! Love ya are one clever piggy!!....As always hugs and hisses to momma!!

    PS..Shorts says woof