Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School: "College of Molly" Part 1 of 2

Yo, MODS< who loves ya? YumYum loves ya! Well, we all know what time of year it is and that's "back to school" time so may we be the first to welcome each and every one of you's freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to the "College of Molly!" We will commence with an introductory course in MOD Sociology 101 to introduce a brief history into MOD, learn a few new terms together (DOO, DOOF, DOFO, etc.) and provide a unique, historical perspective on the Evolution of MOD. Here's how class works: We will post a lesson and those responding to their homework in the "comments" section will be graded and accorded "DINGS" (BY CANDLES, OF COURSE!) according to your level of comprehension, misapprehension, and complete dissociation. Befuddlement is both allowed and encouraged. First, may I introduce you to the current faculty, which we hope will grow as more MODS contribute their erudite knowledge to the curriculum, and then herewith we shall post a brief outline of material we shall be covering.
If we feel like it.

I am YumYum.

Next here is Taj Mahal. As you can see, he has learned to do that owl head-turning maneuver known as:

QUESTION #1. What is the name of this when an owl does it?

Question #2. Why is this necessary for owls to do?

Question #3. Do you think owls are cuter than guinea pigs when they do it? (only one right answer, the rest will receive fresh, homemade Italian gelato which will arrive melted.)

Raj Mahal (our handsome calico) is an esteemed  faculty member known for his neatly pedicured toenails and beautiful "tailfeathers" (not pictured) and will be grading your answers, consulting with Candles for "DINGS" and mailing aforementioned gelatos to losers!

We also have on faculty two "field corrrespondents" to cover the Fledge,
also known as "embedded guinea pigs."

SeaPig will be covering
Fledge activities at sea for us. We hope INCH will join our SeaFledge faculty, and all "ahoy, seafaring
MOD-Mateys!" are sincerely invited! Especially the kayak strippers. (don't ask, we lurked)
Sea Pig and Sea MODS will provide photographs and commentary of the fledge once the owlets are convinced they are, in truth, albatrosses.

We have run out of room but do you think that will stop us? HA! Read on: SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION!
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  1. Can I be the teacher's pet? lol

  2. I guess that means bringing you a polished macadamia nut each morning!

  3. Wait a second, Kes. Me thinks you are a human, so how can you be a teacher's "pet". Dommy is very concerned because HE thinks that HE should be the teacher's pet. How about if you are the teacher's assistant???

    As far as the questions go, Dommy is a bit stumped by #1 & #2 because he's still in elementary school, but since he knows Yum-Yum personally (well almost...Yum-Yum stayed in his hidey place when Dommy visited), the obvious answer to #3 is that guinea pigs are cuter when they do the head turning maneuver. However, from a MOD's perspective, the owls are cuter. Therefore, there are TWO RIGHT ANSWERS to this question!

    I'm hoping that Dommy gets a gold star for his answer rather than a ding. But he'd still like some gelato or maybe a dog treat!

  4. I can have rude air about me, does that make me erudite? marifan56

  5. Rude Air Rules the Airwaves!

    Carlos is the Presiding Principle of the College of Molly, with Donna as Acting Provost, thus they will be grading answers with DINGS and melted freshly made Gelato delivered by slow mail.

    We simply present the curriculum!

    Hee-hee, you's all gotta be da class clowns, don't cha?! HA!

  6. KESTRA: Yes, polished mac nuts mandatory unless
    delivered by the CarlDeliveryService!

  7. Dommy, I accept your argument, and will happily take my place at the front of the class clapping the chalk out of Taj's erasers.

  8. DommyDom'sMom: a "DING!" (awarded only by Candles himself) = A GOLD STAR: A Rave. Applause. Cause for an Encore. DING! from Candles
    = WowaPaLooza! (in MODsPeak, Sociology 102)

  9. Oh whew! Dommy & I were worried that a "DING" was a BAD thing! So, does Dommy get a DING for his creative answer to question #3? The gelato flavor that he'd like is beef, or maybe chicken (yikes!)

  10. P.S. to Kestra, thanks for acquiescing the title of teacher's "pet" to DommyDom. He & I know that you will do a stellar job of being the teacher's assistant. Just remember to wear a respirator when you are clapping the chalk out of Taj's erasers. We wouldn't want you to get sick from the chalk dust!!