Wednesday, September 1, 2010

finished molly owl number 2 ....

changed a few things since the fist molly-owl ...

lighter claws ...

still did some face shading - doing that makes me nervous!

lovely big, vintage buttons for wing joints ...

and she still has a lovely soft fluffy barn owl face ....


  1. WOW great job. I don't know if you sell those but I know I would buy one if I were able to. You should sell on SS. lol GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  2. BTW if you do want to make extra money selling them, I will be glad to help in SS. Just let me know

  3. Unbelievable is all I can say, Wink....

  4. Oh my, what a work of art! I'd buy one too!

  5. Do a guinea pig! Do a guinea pig! We love your art! Do a guinea pig! I'd buy one if you did a
    guinea pig!

  6. wow, what a lovely load of comments - this molly IS for sale :-) I already sold the first to a London-based MOD :-)

    i have done guinea pigs, i will see if i can find a pic for you !

    thank you kind friends and lovers of molly xxxx