Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gizmomma's Wren Update: One week old

Mama's ready to launch One hungry baby Waking up hungry
Happy Sunday Everyone, Just a quick update on the baby wrens. As you can see, they have grown quite a bit since they hatched a week ago. No more naked pink butts! Both Mama and Papa have been feeding them non-stop all weekend. On Saturday, Papa was pretty funny as he tried to divert my attention while Mama snuck into the nest to feed the babies. By Sunday, they both gave up on me and just freely flew/jumped in and out of the nest. Each time they arrived with a juicy tidbit, the babies would chirp away in their sweet, teeny voices. And the news for which you have all been waiting.

Here are the babies names: Wrocky, Wrowdy, Wroxie, & Wrocket

Thanks to everyone for their name suggestions. I hope you had as much fun as I did with their names!

Have a great week everyone!

Linda (Gizmomma)


  1. Wrow! Wrhat great names and now they got a birdling shape and your photography Wrocks,

    Ms Wren-I-GIZ! Wu-Hooo on sweet, chirpy sounds!
    You da WrenWrhisperwReR!

  2. High praise from Yum Yum! Thank you very much. I've peeked so many times, maybe they know I am their official Auntie!