Friday, April 29, 2011

Guinea Pig Survivors Discovered: WHEEK!

Dear MODS,
All day each one of us piggies has waited with bated breath to discover the fate of the guinea pigs living in the
house that was blown clear off its foundation by one of the many deadly tornadoes that just ripped through
Alabama...We just received word that survivors are being found alive! Not all. But some. And even
some of the wee ratties have been found alive. We will post more miraculous news tomorrow because it is bedtime. But we couldn't wait to share our HOPE that more of our little brothers and sisters will be found alive. So, stay tuned!  And for those of you who are now traveling across the Rainbow Bridge, we send our love and guinea pig prayers...That goes for you wee ratties, too. We of the Rodential Nation have SOLIDARITY. So now we rest our weary heads dreaming that more of you will be found alive.
Sweet Dreams...Dreams of Hope. Nighty-Night.

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