Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sandhill Crane Update by Gizmomma

I see a yummy buggie

Standing tall and proud

So much to do-So little time

Ruh Roh - Lunch is trying to get away

Hi Everyone,
Thought you would like to see how big Zippy and Zazoo are getting.
An interesting thing has happened: Mama has been taking Zazoo with her, and Papa has been taking Zippy with him. They split up and go off on field trips together.
Today, I was able to find Mama and Zazoo frollicking in the field and looking for yummy treats. Zazoo is getting very big, however, the parents usually keep their children with them for an entire year, constantly teaching them. Soon enough, Zippy and Zazoo will be hard to distinguish from their parents. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Love, Linda (Gizmomma)


  1. Gorgeous photo's Giz!!!
    They're getting so Big!!
    Thank You for sharing : )

  2. Giz, please never leave home without your camera and we especially adore your photo essays! We guinea pigs wondered if we could ever ride the
    colts, would they let us...can't you just see it?
    The wind in our hair, riding wild and free through the fields upon our massively awkward, adorable
    steed-lets? Could we?