Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinky's Dream...

Hmmm, a conundrum in the owl box, not unlike Winnie the Pooh getting stuck after eating too much honey...

Yet, not Poohs! And we eateth not honey, so...befuddled is Dinky, Befuddlement Pie ala mode!

 Mystery solved...she has left me to fly -

Oh, brothers and sisters take flight with your wings,
While your Dinky aspires to much loftier Things:
I'll hug the moon and greet every bright star,
then I'll swoop and rise like silk thread weaving Mars...
A Martian feather of Happyness...Floating aloft deeply in the Abyss
of Darkness and Lightness,
let's call them the Same...
For I shall return home
Once that home calls my Name!

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