Saturday, April 23, 2011

MODS Capture the Flag with Witty Captions!

This week’s stupendous Molly Movie Night Caption Contest prize goes to SuperMOD, MsRums! Contratulations, Suzanne!

And a hearty “cheerio, old chap!” goes to our other fine finalists:

Smiling Nanci: Okay, okay you two! I just thought since our last name is Royal we would automatically be invited to the Royal Wedding…

Yvonne Nieves: Oh look guys, there's a messege on the back of this British Flag"..... It say's, "The Royal Owlets are invited to the Royal Wedding and you are to be seated in the very front row with the Royal Family"...... "Now how do they expect us to get our Royal feathers to that Royal Wedding"?.... "Oh Mr. and Mrs. Royalllllll.....ROAD TRIP"!!!

Ann A.: Dear Lord with Easter being Sunday, we are so praying for that BIG Easter Bunny to be delivered. I's been good.