Monday, April 18, 2011

Solidarity for our MEME!

Piggies drew a picture of Meme's NEW Hand.

Our Best Friend, Jackie Chan, needs one address and one address only: Meme's doctor!

Richard is just too upset to even report the news objectively...but he will, oh, YES HE WILL! Dear Meme, You are not alone. Your MODS are with you today and we bring along some "friends" to help you. Nice to have so many care for you. We feel your pain. We considered pinching our own wrists at the exact same time in SOLIDARITY for you: OW! THAT HURT! Now we REALLY feel your pain, SiZter! Get well soon and feel free to ask Jackie Chan for anything, Jackie Chan Does What He Can! And Richard will tell the world about it! And the piggies all drew this picture for you...It may be a big owie, Meme, but one big Owie for you and...well, that just really sucks! Who loves ya, Baby? YUM-YUM LOVES YA and i'll nibble my toe - OUCH! -THAT HURT! - just for you!

*for those MODS living on Mars who don't know what happened to Meme, please read all about it in her
WONDERFUL new blog, "TheHowlingHooligan"...and weep!
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