Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waiting For Mattie's First Date to Arrive...

"I know he'll come. He'd better after all that time I spent preening this afternoon: Stupis boys!"
"Where IS HE? The others are starting to look out the door for him, too, how humiliating!
Come ON, already!"
"One day I will grow up to be as beautiful as Matilda and we shall all wait together for MY prince to arrive and fly away with me...sigh...and it shall be a star-studded night, cloudless, warm, romantic, and he will admire my talons and offer to give me a foot rub...I shall be wearing only a hint of my feather boa by the time that night arrives, and I shall be ravishing!
When I grow up..."
 ...and so, The Clutch Waits With Mattie...WILL he arrive? or will he NOT!

Stay tuned to: "As the Clutch Turns..."

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