Saturday, April 23, 2011

a charming plush goat ....

i recently created a goat, his arms and legs are jointed, with some vintage buttons and he is made form Harris tweed ... but I didn't just stop here, I went on to dress him and give him gadgets! I will show you that, next!

From Cat, the Owl maker xxx


  1. What a Goat! WE love him, please show us what
    else he can do...does he have Happy Feet? Is
    he attending the Royal Wedding? C'mon, Cat,
    news from across the Pond is rare: spill it!
    If goat received an invite, we need to know,
    LOL! Thanks for coming back, we've missed you
    and know you will be making more owls and guinea
    pigs real soon!

  2. yum-yum have a big hug - milk? this is a boy goat! XXXX