Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my goat - a steampunk character!

and so I made my goat all steampunk, for an etsy-plush-team challenge, and we would both love it if you would go and vote for him in the final round of the competition - it's goat versus blimp!

click thru to see all of him, and if you want more pics here, just ask XXX


  1. ooooH! RaggyRat, we just voted and you are
    AHEAD! WHEEK! yO, MODS< vote for our first
    MOD-GOAT in this British competition! We
    voted in Barn Owls to best all others last
    year in the California Audubon Society
    "Bird of the Year" award, so let's Get This
    Goat to WIN, let's WIN IT GOOD!
    LOVE, YumYum

  2. thanks yum-yum - and this comp is INTERNATIONAL - the blimp is across the pond from me xxx

  3. GET OUT! WIN YOU MUST! WOW...WILL promomte it...hey, you know Carlos is now broadcasting
    Molly and McGee LIVE again? Yupper! Tune in.
    Meanwhile, gotta gather more votes...good luck!

  4. what? i need the link! much better than the royal wedding ...

  5. Raggy - it's the old owl box site: