Sunday, April 17, 2011

MOD Wedding Portrait!

Dear MOD Family,

Since Richard is embedded with an elite Bedouin Tribe for protection in the desert, our wedding
was so Traditional I missed it, lurking beneath his azure Lawrence-of-Arabia robes as mortars exploded
around us! WAR: don't care for it. But, check out his awesome scabbard> he is learning to move with the stealth of the Desert Wind: In fact, they call him "Richard of the Dessert" because he carries so much baklava tucked into his turban...apparently the honey gives his hair that special "Ooh, Baby, BABY!" style.
(See far right? That's HIM!) But, the real star of the show was Popie, generously flown over on Lor-I-Kink's personal F/A 18 Hornet just for us! PopiePie was bathed, scented, groomed, and arrived sitting proudly atop a stunning white Arabian stallion, barking greetings to every camel he met! (Thank you, Lor-I-Kink... SQUEEE!)
A celebration unparalleled in the annals of MOD weddings! And the Bedouin just LOVED the guinea pig
Turkish coffee cups y'all sent us! MODS, we couldn't have done it without you, and we left our coffee cups
with our hosts to thank them for their world-renowned hospitality: even Popie got his own felafel! And, as
soon as he returns home, Richard can hardly wait to sit in front of our laptop on Friday Molly Movie
Night for hours, watching things he does not understand. Like the wild STREAM of the Black Sheep,
avatars, two secret agents we CAN SEE, owly names, "Molly Was A Common Barn Owl" songs, and why PapaPie has to be chaperoned and never left alone up in the balcony!
(So, Kestra and Sacto, Please let him win the Door Prize!)

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  1. You, my dear, are hilarious!

    PigNation reports are always a TREAT.


  2. Thank you. Guinea pigs continually worry about
    whether or not we are self-indulgent, narcissistic little rodents who focus too much on ourselves and not enough on things like gerbils and hamsters so your comment is deeply appreciated and psychologically validating!