Thursday, February 3, 2011

Owl Chart.xls Owl-Hopping Made Easy! The NEW Who, Where, What, Why, and When of Owlery in 2011!

Owl Chart.xls
and hope Candles regains the helm of his Blog
before long, since we don't know the secret
to making all those funny letters and numbers
turn into pretty pictures and charts...
We do our best.

Thank you, Ms. Rums for making our dizzying array
of new owl boxes and eggs understandable!
Comprehensible! Mathematical! Radioactivable!
Seriously, y'all,
for awhile there,
we feared we would NEVAH
keep up! Hoo's a genius now?
Ms. Rums! HOOT-HOOT!

P.S. Ms. Rums also has an egg chart, too!
But, alas, it's waiting in cyberspace to

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