Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Notes from the Field--Richard Engel

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Things have been really tough here, but we have the enemy cornered there’s time for wine and cheese, and smoke em if you got em. Meanwhile we are all keeping a low profile and counting the minutes till the next hatch.
Salt and Pepper have joined the brigade of parenthood with their first egg.
Willow and Mrs. Owl at Starr Ranch are moving into the second phase of raising owlettes, all eggs gone wherever eggs go.
Sadie, sadly, is still off camera, and we will drop her from our articles. We assume all is well, she is just not ready for the publicity.
Lucy and Ricky have lost the color camera because of cable problems in bad weather and heavy pounding (in the box), the outlook is, well, black and white. We’ll keep an eye on that of course. But Ricky was quoted as saying, ”Babaloo”…and something about the 50’s.

Wishing you well, I am your Richard.

[Received via satellite by Ms. Rums]

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