Friday, February 11, 2011



"This is NBC correspondent Richard Engel reporting from Cairo where the Egyptian people -"

(Pause..."What's that? Oops!" Un-Pause)

"This is NBC correspondent Richard Engel reporting from Molly Friday Night at the Movies in ---"

?? EVERYWHERE ?? "...where the winner of the Molly Caption Contest came to a tie...
hanging chads took their places where they belonged, a run-off election, er, I mean, VOTE,
was held...the President stepped down, there was jubilation --- er, I mean, there was a run-off
election, no, VOTE, right! And the winner is Carl Partridge, the entire country is celebrating
as the world watches Carl in pink flannel owl pajamas take his Place in History, Brian, I've
never seen anything like it."

Neither have we, Richard, neither have we. PapaPie makes us Proud!
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