Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Well Wishes to Candles!!!

The MOD gang sends you its best wishes for a speedy recovery. Please come visit us sometimes on your blog!! We is doing our best to keep it up and running. I'm sure Yum Yum sends horks and hisses and guinea pig kisses. And for coming through your procedure with flying colors, you definitely get DING DING DING!!!!

Da MODs may be ailing, but the spirit ain't failing!!


  1. LOL...great cartoon and post..Kilkenny

    Candles...sending healing ((hugs)) your way :)

  2. Candles, it's YumYum: The Editorial Offices
    are reeking of ESTROGEN! PLEASE get well and
    come back to work, or we may have to call in
    Anderson Cooper since he ain't busy like our
    dear Richard...Horks&Hisses&GuineaPigKisses!

  3. Good hork! get better fast!

  4. Take good care and hurry back to the stream, Ralph!