Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not too late to order yours!


Yo, bird-brains, if you heard through the grapevine how stunning, poignant, moving, and beautiful the coffee table book is, but you don't yet have one and think you never will,
THINK AGAIN: Today's your lucky day!

Eric still has autographed (by Sir Carlos) copies and it's not too late to order yours.
But the edition is limited, so GET ON IT, order one for Valentine's Day. Order one for Wednesday. Wednesdays are always special! O.K. who cares? But the BOOK IS GORGEOUS EVERY DAY.
And full of rich memories that bring back the magic of Molly & McGee and all of us with them.

Just go to and take a look at the Clutch 2 coffee table book while
you're at it! The magic continues...
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