Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Night in Paradise



Syd: "Excuse YOU? Where's my treat?"

Mel: "Just had it, Syd,
my yummy girl! See Ya, Sweets!"

"MEL! Treat for me or bye-bye Whoopie!
This 'WHAM-BAM THANK YOU, MAM' stuff gotta stop, MEL!
I am soooo tired...six squirmy owlets BELOW me; you on TOP o'me, rest for the weary, Mel, bring me a treat, please."

Mel: "Coming back with treats, my Sweet"
Flies off as Syd sleepily gathers her mobile fluff-balls,
settling softly upon them, closes her eyes...dreams of flying, wind in her face,
through the cloudless, star-struck spring night air and...ZZZzzz...zzzz.......

Good Night, dear Syd, catch those zzz's while you can!

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