Sunday, February 13, 2011

Embedded Reporter Richard Engel for MOD Blog


We are pleased to announce the addition of
Richard Engel as our "embedded MOD correspondent"
and to preserve his undercover identity we will be
crediting all reports under the code name: "Ms. Rums"

Ms.Rums has to dispatch reports in tiny letters to
remain undercover, and the Editor will employ every
brain cell available to enlarge them for you in the
future so you can actually READ THEM!

Thank you, Richard, for joining our staff after your
brilliant, handsome, charming, adorable, tear-gassed
courageous reporting from Cairo...that was just training
for you because now you have to keep track of umteen million
owlets, their names, birth-dates, and serial numbers!

Good Luck, and thanks to Ms Rums who knows nothing about
Richard using her name. This ink is invisible: tell nobody!
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