Monday, February 21, 2011

For Our Dear MOD Friends in Christchurch...Please Phone Home!


Dear Friends,

I am taking liberties to post this magnificent portrait
of "McGee Reflecting Light" by Carlos Royal which is available
and on sale at Cafe Press because it also reminds me of a quiet
moment of reflection as we remember we do have MOD friends
in Christchurch, New Zealand in peril at this time.

Carlos, I hope you find pleasure in your photo appearing
once more on our (Yup< We're like the Energizer Bunny, we MODS keep going, and going...Still Here!)MOD Blog... It's been awhile and we sure miss you, Donna, Molly, and McGee. We also hope to hear soon from our friend in Christchurch and pray or send good vibes or however we each keep loved ones in our hearts tonight...for those in Christchurch and those here at home. We ARE MODS for Life! Posted by 1SkatrPie {Stunning Portrait by and courtesy of Carlos Royal, thank you so much.}

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