Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Proposal for Melting MODS...

From time immemorial we have bandied about the idea of forming our very own MOD village...a place not just to annoy one another on the Stream, but full of cobblestone little streets where we can meet daily and annoy one another in person! And often! And when any of us, our families or animal companions are in need, we can all be there for one another. Again, in person...bearing hugs.

Well...we all know you like where you live.

But...just how much do you like it now that you are MELTING?

This is today, July whatEVAH, and we are lucky that Saturday we'll even see 71 degrees...oh sure,
they are predicting a 9.0+ earthquake, we have 3 ACTIVE volcanoes, tsunamis can roll in from the Pacific, and we have windstorms over 100 mph in the fall...but, right now as you are throwing your pathetic, melting MOD carcasses into the ice cream freezer at your closest much does any of that matter? SERIOUSLY.

And you would reside in a state already home to some of the craziest MODS amongst us
to welcome you! Think about it.

If your brain hasn't already melted.

(Was this wrong...posting our fall temps like this? Hope SO!)
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  1. I live in Olympia, WA and I say,"our weather rocks!!" That isn't what my husband is saying,however.

  2. Gotta say, we FROZE last night! Sat. July 23rd. Is it wrong to say that?