Thursday, July 14, 2011

C2 Coffee Table Book REVIEWS ARE IN!

Raj Mahal: "AWESOME! Roomy, fun to run through, and enough heft in the box to really sink my chompers into it! Four Paws UP, WAY UP!"

TAJ MAHAL: "Raj, I couldn't have said it better myself; plenty of space to spread out even if you are popcorning INSIDE the box while I am taking my beauty nap, this is one amazing book, er, box!"

("Popcorning" is a term for guinea pigs who hop into the air with glee when super-happy, because they resemble.....)

This is a must-have for every guinea pig who has had to listen to "DEET! DEET! DEET!" SINCE C1! We canNOT recommend this book highly enough. Well done, Carlos and Eric, this is the best book box we have EVAH LIVED IN! Thank you for perfect editing, hitting our 'sweet spot' and providing mom a keepsake she will keep away from our long, sharp chompers but why does she cry looking at it? SERIOUSLY: We do not GET you owl people!"

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This book picks right up where C1 left off,  taking us both away and back home again at the same time! Deeply touching and beautifully edited: Carlos's photography raised to an entirely new level, 
bringing back to life memories so palpable your heart will break before Opening once more to the full depth and breadth - not only of our beloved owls - but of our own humanity and capacity to love them so.
A poignant tribute to Molly & McGee, the owlets four...and to those of us who embrace them as our very own: Journey with Ashzilla and Carrie from Molly's Owl Box to the Rainbow Bridge where little Jody has learned to fly, wearing her helmet-head in our dreams as Kelly taps tiny talons to "The Molly Bobble."

{Review by 1Skatr, Raj&Taj Mahal}
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