Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meboylouie Joins Molly Movie Night Winner’s Circle!

(Molly whispers):

McGee, I think your legs are sexy.


The MMN crew gave MMN MODS free reign last week, inviting them to submit whatever caption this lovely recent screen shot of Molly and McGee hanging out in the owl box brought to mind. Past caption contests have proven that MMN Mods have a very finely honed sense of humor – and indeed, almost all of the captions submitted last week were designed to tickle the MOD funny bone. But when it came time to select their favoritecaption in the Molly Movie Night poll, most Movie Night viewers veered towards meboylouie’s “sweet with just the faintest hint of sexy” caption.

Congratulations, meboy, and welcome to the Molly Movie Night Winner’s Circle!

The other captions that made it to the poll last week are shown below:

No, I’m not knock-kneed. You’re just looking from an odd angle. (PapaCarl)

Molly ; " Not Tonight Leggs, my Feathers Itch ! "
McGee ; " Aw, Shucks, How about a bunny, Honey"? (Yeahhoorose)

We need to figure out how to turn the camera around so we can watch THEM! (Jenifero2000)

Congratulations to all!

1 comment:

  1. Meboy: BRILLIANT! But so are all of our finalists. Why? Cuz WE HAZ TALENT!
    Congratutions, one and all.