Thursday, July 14, 2011

McGee Reinvents Courtship!

Wow, what a show! Molly showed up on the top of the ladder (stage right) and McGee (after screaming from inside the box) came out and went into a fluff-feather hop-jump and to us it appeared he was chasing off an we asked Carlos (On the Stream, ya!) to please explain this to us and he did. Apparently, this is courtship! McGee in box, screaming for Molly who shows up, he comes out and does this Peacock of the Night Dance, she flew away and it was WILD! Never seen anything like it! It was nice to have Carlos on both Stream and Chat tonight with the wild shenanigans of love REKINDLED!
He is waiting for texts from Austin, who is spending his first night alone without Internet, missed why, but presuming at his new school in Sandy Eggo? So Carlos was waiting to hear from Austin and McGee was waiting to hear from Molly and ALL OF US WERE WAITING TO HEAR FROM CARLOS to find out what we were witnessing! Hope you were here, it was a crazy night.
Sweet Dreams and let's see what tomorrow brings: Ya think you know a barn owl and then ....?! Cool!
Please leave comments to correct anything we got wrong here and add what happened later because we are Gone To Bed! And thank you again, Carlos, for including both Stream and Chat tonight!
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