Friday, July 29, 2011

Molly Movie Night MODs Dream of Day at the Beach!

Are we telling the kids we are going on vacation…

nah, Carlos will check on them! (Emily from Gulfport)

With most of the country suffering under a massive heat wave, the Movie Night MODs responded with beach-ready captions when Kestra posted this week’s doctored screen shot. Congratulations to lurker MOD Emily from Gulfport for her winning escapist entry!

Other MODs inspired by dreams of sand and surf – and their captions – are:

McGee, you'd better put on a lot of sunscreen.

With all those white feathers, you'll definitely burn! (gizmomma)

Molly: Get the sunscreen and I will get the snacks.

McGee: Gee, I don't know where the sunsccreen is. Do we have some?

Molly: It's somewhere in this box. Just look for it.

McGee: Ok, Molly, you are the boss, sweet cheeks. (Jacquie Hill)

Who horked all this stuff? (LibLana)

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