Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tricks and Treats from Molly Movie Night MODs

(October 28) Kestra provided the tricky artfully altered screen shot, and Molly Movie Night MODs provided a jack-o’-lantern full of treats! Congratulations to five-time caption contest winner Carl Partridge and this week’s other finalists:

How in the world can I get my trick or treat basket out from under this REDICULOUS CAPE! Ashley, you are not LISTENING! (hrbrenizer)

Carrie: SuperOwl will protect you, Ashley !!!!

Ashley: Seriously fowlks, I do not know this person..... (PhilJustPhil)

Ash, what you need is Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Carrie the Coffee Cueen – to the rescue! (Jennifero2000)

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