Saturday, November 19, 2011

Caption Contest Newbies Put on a Good Show

(September 30) Last week’s Molly Movie Night Caption Contest was limited to newbies – or, as the ever politically correct Kestra refers to them – pre-winner. The newbies didn’t disappoint, and reminded prior winners that they’d have to stay sharp if they wanted to be featured in future MOD blog announcements! Congratulations to winner hummerzz and all of the finalists!

The other captions that made it to last week’s poll were:

Molly’s To Do List

Food in the Pantry, done

Kids fed, done

Force field in place, done

Ahhhhh, Time for a nap!


Me thinks we're being spied on!


Max! Come Back Here! Dudley and I will Hold it Down for you!!!


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