Saturday, November 19, 2011

Movie Night MODs Rise to New Challenge

(October 21) Just as the Movie Night MODs were getting into a comfortable caption contest groove, contest mistress Kestra decided to throw them for another loop. Instead of asking the MODs to come up with a caption for the lump o’ owlets picture, she challenged them to explain what the owlets were doing. MODs rose to the challenge quite handily – the judges did not. It took a total of four judges to come up with a solid panel of finalists from among the fourteen entries!

Congratulations to first-time winner Kateywise and this week’s other finalists!

These owlets are: Practicing their Sumowl wrestling moves. (Dale Ann Harsh)

These two are: Pretending to be Salt & Pepper Shakers (the ones with the Magnets in their Noses)! (Yeahhoorose)

These owlets are: Stereo Owls!!! Playing my Favorite Tune! (gmarch53)

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