Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movie Night MODs Come Up With Halloween Treats!

Kestra outdid herself with this week’s caption contest photo, and the MODs responded in kind as they prepared Carrie and Ashley for a night of Halloween mischief. Multiple contest winner “Papa” Carl Partridge took home the prize with one of his trademark short but sweet captions!

Congratulations go to Carl and this week’s other finalists:

How in the world can I get my trick or treat basket out from under this REDICULOUS CAPE! Ashley, you are not LISTENING! (hrbrenizer)

Carrie: SuperOwl will protect you, Ashley !!!!Ashley: Seriously fowlks, I do not know this person..... (PhilJustPhil)
Ash, what you need is Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! Carrie the Coffee Cueen – to the rescue! (Jennifero2000)

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