Saturday, November 19, 2011

Caption Contest Booby Prize Slot Vacated

(October 7) Yahoo/Yeahhoorose reluctantly let go of her claim to the perennial Molly Movie Night Booby Prize last night when her entry won the weekly caption contest by a mudslide! The owner of multiple screen names can now lay claim to one more title – Caption Contest Winner!

Welcome to the winner’s circle, Rose!

Congratulations also go out to this week’s other finalists:

Wow, Ashley! You were right! This is REAL grass, not AstroTurf!

(Nashville Ann)

Wow Ashley, Wesley was right, you gotta flap your wings or you will hit the ground if you're gonna fly.


Wow Ashley, Are you sure walking is faster than flying?


To see all of the Molly Movie Night winning captions, check out the photo gallery on the Molly Movie Night facebook page, at

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