Thursday, August 4, 2011


Tonight we perused through the Blogs that our MODDIES have begun creating the last few months and those which have been going for years, unknown to us. And we have come to one conclusion: there is no dearth of talent amongst us MODS! When we are able, we will send a "Call to Artists" and hope that every single one of you who has a Blog, a Flickr, an etsy (dunno what dat is, but peeps got 'em) a YouTube, or website will respond by inviting us to experience life through the eyes of your companion animals, your camera's eye, your poetry, song; even the simple glistening of morning dew shining through gossamer wings of one gracious dragonfly.
(YES, you know who you is, Gizmomma, but we promise not to tell anyMODy about your blog at: You can count on YumYum!

We would like to create a MOD Artists Collective through which to feature not only owls but the mad genius and (sane?)  genius of those who love and watch them! For we are all friends.

We have also discovered that MODS are a modest, humble bunch and don't want no doo-dah 'bout their Blogs, insisting their creations aren't much at all: Well, nothing makes a cavy happier than telling a human: "Silly fool, how wrong you are! YOU GOTZ TALENT! LET US REVEL IN
YOUR CREATIVE BEAUTY!" Yeah, cavies say stuff like that on Thursday nights. Not Mondays,
but definitely Thursdays.

Many MOD Bloggers have links to other MOD Blogs on their pages. We encourage you to check them out. We encourage you to start your own. We encourage you to be creative, whimsical, and invite us into your very own magical world because the Blogs, websites, and photo-sites of we MODS are Extraordinary, beautiful, enchanting, funny, engaging, educational, and also universal in the sharing of experiences we all have in common! MOD art is an intimate, whimsical, creative way to engage as a community, so come along and Become Part of MODZ GOT TALENT!

You can either wait for us to send out a call...which could be anytime between almost forever and never, or send out one of your own. Perhaps one MMN we could even tour different MOD sites and make visible the humble offerings we post in the quiet of the night when we think no one is looking...

Either way, We are THRILLED to see so many new photographers, writers, animal companion authors, garden friends, and life lessons shared within the vast kaleidoscope of color, animation, imagination and humor! MODS RULE!

I am YumYum and I approve this message!

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  1. There are some good ones out there!

  2. Come check ours out

  3. melandsyd, you can't be checked out, you have yourself "Private". Nobody can check you out, without a personal invitation.

  4. Duh... nevermind, your blog isn't private, just you profile! My blunder. If your "Profile" was public, people could click on your comments, to get to you. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Oh, darn, you also don't have comments enabled. What's a prolific commenter, like me, to do?