Friday, August 12, 2011

Molly Movie Winner’s Circle Grows

Wow! My old yard!

And this is the house I grew up in!

I slid off this roof quite a few times...

...and even landed down there once.

Here comes dad! Hi Dad! Uh-oh... He's not happy that I broke the "No Visiting the Owl Box After Fledging" rule! Gotta run! (I'll try to sneak back again later.)

caption by sitdownstay

This week’s Molly Movie Night caption contest gave the “pre-winners” a chance to shine, and shine they did! The judges had their work cut out for them as fifteen newbies submitted creative captions for the five-frame strip of screen shots or last week’s visitor to the owl box. Congratulations to winner sitdownstay and all of the finalists!

Is this where I line up for the big Premiere Night? Gee, I must be the first one here! Guess I'll practice my best poses. Bring on the cameras! (Linda Hart)

Mom... Dad... I'm sorry but it's rough out there and I really, really want to move back home. (PhilJustPhil)

Hello, anyone home?

Molly, McGee please answer the door.

It’s getting cold out here -

I hear you in there.

Oh, Sorry, I’m leaving, (red face) I thought you were on a break.


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  1. MODS ROCK! Glad I wasn't a judge, they
    are all winners!