Saturday, August 27, 2011

Extraordinary Photo Inspire Extraordinary Captions!

I was having this lovely dream where I was soaring above the trees
with the wind in my feathers, then “Clunk” I woke up with
my face plastered against this wall! Geez!!! Gizmomma

Combine Kestra’s screen shot capture skills with Gizmomma’s story telling skills, and what do you get? This: an incredible screen shot and caption pairing! Congratulations, Giz - well done! Gizmomma’s delightful imaginations are also on display in the Molly Movie Night photo gallery. That's where you'll find her Molly Movie Night limerick contest entry, which paints an owlbox scene even without a screen shot!

Twenty MODs sent in captions this week! The other finalists vying for the prize were:

Oh,Wallz Darling, you're not as cuddly as my honey, but you will just have to do. (Janesgarden)

...and... Upward Facing Owl... and hold... I just love my Owl Yoga! (sitdownstay)

Help Me Polez!!!!!!! I'm Melting!!!!! (PhilJustPhil)

By the way... while you're out on the web, be sure to check out MOD Memedee's blog, the HOWLING HOOLIGAN: Life through the eyes of an Airedale Terrier. It's sure to add a little fun to your day!


  1. Congratulations, Giz! Think the liddle
    Gizzler's blog called Gizmomma's World
    cuz those Hooligans can only belong to
    one person, and that MemeDee! Both blogs
    are a wonder to behold, check 'em out!

  2. oops - I got it wrong, didn't I? Still suffering from that MMN hangover (too much fun, that is!) Let me correct that!

  3. You should NEVAH correct a MMN hangover, that would be a loss of inordinate
    proportions, Sacto Flower-Inventeress!