Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please Visit Eric Blehm's FACEBOOK - News & Sports - NBC Official Site

In a flash, the single-most loss of life since the war began
ten years ago occurred Saturday when a Chinook helicopter
was shot down in Afghanistan.
Many of those lost included Navy SEALS.
Our very own Eric Blehm posted his grief
on his FACEBOOK... he knew many of them
and their families personally.

Won't you please visit Eric's FACEBOOK page
and express your support for him and the families
and loved ones of his SEAL brothers, at this time?

Eric has always been there for us in ways uncountable.
He has never asked anything in return and I am posting
this without his knowledge.

Please do not email him. He was on a camping trip with
family and friends when the tragedy occurred and I have
not been in contact with him but do know the last thing
he needs is more emails to answer. Perhaps the first thing
he needs is to know that so many of us whom he has
always cared about care for him, as well.

Thank you.

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