Saturday, August 20, 2011

Famed Wildlife Photographer’s Secret Revealed?

Hey guys, if you want a close up photo of yourself in Carlos's book,

you better fly over here to the posing ledge! (Lashes000)

We know Carlos Royal would scoff at the notion that his subjects were posing for him, but really – can you think of a better explanation for his ability to turn out two books of stunning barn owl photographs in a single year? Is it possible – as Lashes2000’s caption suggests – that the backyard barn owls learned to love the camera as much as the camera loved them?

Congratulations to Lashes000 and the rest of this week’s Molly Movie Night Caption Contest finalists:

You know, she's not very good at this Photo Caption Thingy, is she? (catmom4)

They said “Two is company, Three’s a crowd”! (Carl)

Come on you two. Get out here.

You have to practice your flappin' and stompin'!

Nobody's watching

Not even that bald guy (Marilyn173)

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  1. We need a book of the Best and Runner's Up Photo Captions! WE doesn't care nuttin' bout no "copyright" because
    everybody copies me, and guinea pigs and capybaras all very nice about it. So?