Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Night MODs Send the Owl Box Off With Humor

Well Molly, I’ve taken inventory of all the equipment and

I’ve run every test I know of. I still have NO IDEA

why we are off the air! (MsRumsey)

Testing the old adage that laughter is the best medicine, Molly Movie Night MODs offered a their humorous takes on this shot of Molly and McGee on their porch the night before the Owl Box went dark. In a close race, movie goers chose MsRumsey’s interpretation, which had Molly and McGee trying their best to get back on air!, as this week’s winners.

Farewell, Molly and McGee, fly strong and free. We Molly Movie Night MODS hope to have a chance to see you again some day.

And to Carlos, Donna, Eric, John, Austin, Chris, and Barbara, should any of you happen upon our humble little blog… thank you for everything!

A record twenty-five MODs sent in entered this week’s caption contest! This week’s other finalists are:

McGee: This is it, dear. Our last hurrah, the big finale, the curtains goin' down!!"

Molly: Oh, shut up and go get me dinner! (PhilJustPhil)

Please Carlos Not Yet! Babies are coming we promise! (Paula2473)

Okay, at the count of three,

Get ready, Get set,




  1. Love it! Good one, Suzanne! :O)

  2. The camera may be off, but MODs are forever!

  3. Black Sheep Nation! Ms. R, great one, but so were they are, so have they always been. We expect to see M&M again in January with Clutch # ? So, no goodbyes here, EVAH!

  4. "Well, now maybe mom will stop sitting at the computer and pay some attention to us."

    The Irish Cats