Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ghostly Legs Inspire Caption Contest

After donning the required uniforms, Molly and McGee

(holding talons) uttered the magic words:

Beam us up, Scotty


Glowz’s exquisite spider web artwork was an obvious caption contest choice, but leave it to Kestra to add bits and pieces that increased the level of difficulty several-fold! PhilJustPhil’s winning entry alluded to both the ghostly image and the empty boxes, and was an overwhelming favorite with the Movie Night voters. Congratulations, Phil!

This week’s other finalists were:

Can you see me now? (JanKW)

I am the leggs of owlets past.

You need to let the MODS back in immediately

or I will haunt you forever. (Marilyn 173)

"Apparition Display" Do NOT touch the glass!

Vintage Leggs McGee Summer of 2010 (gmarch53)

Congratulations to all the finalists!


  1. Love these! Sure miss our owl box!

  2. wow, they're all great. wish we could beam M & M back INTO the LIVE STREAM.