Saturday, June 4, 2011

“Papa” Carl Partridge Channels Molly to Win Movie Night Caption Contest!

The Canton Cowboy took the medal again this week with some pithy musings that seemed to have come right from Miss Molly herself, making him Molly Movie Night’s very first three-pete winner! Congratulations, Carl!

Congratulations also go out to this week’s other finalists:

Lashes: I really need to cut back on eating so much mice cream. I can barely fit in here!

Gmarch 53: Oh, Dear! They have outgrown their Pantaloons Again!

Mary Kaye: Hey MODS, owlets make a better pillow than the keyboard does.


  1. Congratulations, Carl... good one! LOL!

  2. Need Oxygen! Can't stop laughing! They are all great...Oh me oh my, what great fun lurks in the dark minds of our dear Black Sheep! PapaPie, congrats on Triple Crown winnage! What they got left to gift ya with you ain't already got?