Sunday, June 12, 2011

MMN MODs Choose Kilkenny Cat’s Caption by a Beak!

Why did I let McGee talk me into letting these kids get a computer?

Molly Movie Night MODs, exhibiting empathy with modern moms, decided that Kilkenny Cat’s caption perfectly captured the zeitgeist of this week’s doctored screen shot. Many congratulations to Kilkenny Cat, and many thanks to Kestra, who provided the souped up screen shot!

This week’s other finalists were:

AH HA HA I got a screenshot of that! Humans are soooo funny! (IMAowlwatcher)

Ack, Mom! Is this how we look to all those MODS out there? (Kristin Olson)

Hey mom - you should see how much they are selling horks for on ebay these days!!!! (Nag 1979)


  1. And the winning caption WAS...? I missed it. What happened? Where it? It here and I don't see it?
    Confoozled, what she say that make her win it?
    huh? huh? huh?
    thank you.