Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Carlos going on vacation. But, Bluebirds! The Stream on Molly's Box is gone.
So, for all those MODS unable to sign onto it this is FAB NEWS, we share your
pain, all of us, cuz it gone, gone. Perhaps when Carlos in town we'll get a glimpse
of C4...until then, there is MOLLY MOVIE NIGHT, THE MOD BLOG,
THE DAILY HORK, and --- uh, hmmmm...somethin'....gotta be somethin'...
just can't...uh...hmmmm.......nah, we got nothing. Have a Nice Day!
C4, YouZ been a FAB-MOD-Honeymoon, we loves ya!
Thank you, Carlos, for field trips and the excitement of seeing M & M back
at home, where they belong. Gee, that was fun and we were part of it.

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