Monday, August 16, 2010

Molly & McGee Treat Report Aug 15 / 16

*Copied this from chat this morning - pretty much says it all! Thanks ChocoMare!

"ChocoMare reporting live for Rodentia Nightly News – A record-breaking Rodent of Unusual Size was brought at 10:30pm, with a fresh rat at 5am. Pantry is full, so are the owlets. Now back to you in chat…"

*Molly had 30 minute flyabout early in the evening, looking for McGee, Carlos says, then gave that really weird hiss she does sometimes - the long scary one - and McGee showed up about 5 minutes later with the mother of all rats.

*Two new cams on display last night: 1 higher up, clearer night cam in box, 1 special cam of some kind outside of box.

Have a great day!

PS. Story of Jody's hatch said to be shown on FOX news in San Diego this morning.

UPDATE: Again from ChocoMare:

"ChocoMare reporting live for Rodentia Nightly News – A Rodent of Unusual Size arrived at 10:30pm, with a 2nd at 5am. While originally thought to be rats, daycam revealed Pocket Gophers. Owls well"

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  1. The camera feed was down for more than an hour, so it is possible that there were more drops. We may never know!