Saturday, August 14, 2010

HELLO WORLD, Thanks for watching me Hatch!!!!

Hi Mom, H R U ???


  1. So little Jody hisses in text-speak? Why am I not surprised!

  2. LOL Jody gets to fly out of the shell!

  3. I was in Costco that day and my MOD friend Art called shouting "We've got a baby....she's hatching" so I was in the book aisle, and saw a guy with an iPhone near. I ran over and excitedly shouted "Can I borrow your iPhone. I'm having a BABY!!!" He was shocked then I explained rapidly there was a website I needed to see, gave him the URL and others in the aisle came to watch on his little iPhone as Jody hatched. 5 or 6 total strangers were amused and mystified about my excitement but after they saw Molly and baby Jody, a couple of the folks were future MODS to be sure. I was so grateful to that fellow for allowing me to see Jody come out of her/his egg. A thrilling moment.