Friday, December 10, 2010

Limerick Winners and Honorable MOD Submissions

Congrats and thanks!

Winner - submitted by Gizmomma
There once was an owlet name Carrie
Who was timid and truly quite wary
But when mice came her way
Or Molly’s leg looked YUMMAY
Her demeanor was decidedly scary!

"... thematically it is just drop-dead charming! It singles-out one owlet and creates an entire character arc all within the confines of a limerick. Impressive! The owlet has character flaws, but when push comes to shove overcomes them. They managed to tell as much story there as "Rocky" did in two hours! And I loved the reference to the biting of Molly's legs--that conjures up memories of a very amusing event in C2. So my blue ribbon has to go to #3."

Runner up - submitted by Karin
There once was a barn owl named Molly,
Whose life it was said was just folly,
So she found her a mate,
And they went on a date,
Then hatched out some owlets by golly.

"I like this one because the meter is classic limerick and flows beautifully. Thematically, managed to encompass the entire saga: there was Molly, she met McGee, they had a family. That is truly admirable! And managed to finish with a folksy "by golly", which unifies the tone. An excellent entry."

Carl Partridge
I may never again get to see, another owl as our McGee,
He paired with Molly for us all to see, 
We sharpened our skills,  
Through daily posting drills, 
And we Mods became a happy family.

There once was an owl named Molly
She made lots of people feel jolly
But then came the day
When they all went away
And now the people are melancholly

There once was a Owl
Who lived in a box
Had such a beautiful face
She could stop a clock

When in flew her mate
Named Leggs McGee
Just when the MODS
all had to go pee!!!

Hoot Gibson
Miss Molly and Leggs McGee
Had a wonderful life, living free,
But their lives turned about
With eggs then owlets fledged out,
Now they're planning on Clutch number Three!

Along came a lil spider dubbed Glowz,
Who had no idea his web was "Mod" prose.
He spun and spun.
His web was done.
Now he's one famous spider, don't ya suppose?

Once we were owl alone
And sad cuz we had no home
Then came Molly/McGee
And we owl became family
Now us MODS will nevermore roam!!!

Kristin Olson
There once was an owlet named Wesley,
Who wore the fuzz on her head like Elvis Presley. 
She didn’t want to leave her box
Nor her white pantaloon socks, 
But when she did it was quite messy.

MaGee's flinging and flying,
Owlets hissing and sqawking.
Molly, Carlos, Donna and Austin,
Barbara's songs, Vaca's toons, Eric's books and bling,
Got MODS a-singing, a-buying and a-talking about everything.

Ashley and Cary were the owlets two 
Grew up big and strong and then they flew 
I loved them from the very start  
They came right in and stole my heart 
Now that they're gone this MOD's so blue

MsRum NC
Owl’s everybody that's here?
Hope you are all in good cheer!
We have shopped on the press
Done a good job, our best,
But we bought owl pajamas from sears!!

Kitty Carlyle
There once was an owlet named Ashley
Whose appetite was really quite legendary.
She could scarf down a mouse
About the size of a house,
Then could hork it out at the MODS in the balcony.

She crept over close to the edge,
To see if she could reach the ledge,
Carrie saw Tauntz below
And knew she could go,
Said "Now is a good time to fledge!"

Carolyn Frasier
There once were some owls in San Marcos
They lived in the back yard of Donna and Carlos
Who named one Molly and the other McGee
And soon came 4 hatchlings, Max, Austin, Pattison, Wesley
Who, watched by the world, dined on rabbits and mousey tacos
‘Til one by one they fledged to a tree and are now flying free!



  2. Brings back memories, thank you for sharing. What a very precious picture. Blessings, Janet