Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic, MODS?



It's me, YumYum, and - well - I have to admit with the holidays up and the owl cams down, we guinea pigs and our
MODmom are feeling a wee bit...oh, how shall I put it? Reflective? No...
Emotional? Hmmm....maybe...Nostalgic? YES! WE FEELS NOSTALGIC! It's like we should all be together and we miss
Mary B. Ellis and will hold a joyous memorial for her, and then it's on to Friday Molly Movie Night - WHEEE! -
it just feels like something...and I can't quite put my paw on it, but something is missing, oh, what could it
be, what? what?

(owlets, YumYum?)

Could we be a-missin' those owlets, and Molly and McGee, and the fun of all being together while Carrie begs
Ashley for coffee and a donut? Yeh, y'know, think that might be IT.

So, here are a few selections pulled from our favorite "The Daily Horker" plus one of mom's favorite Green Day
songs just to shake things up a little bit around here because, frankly, we are logging about a nano-second of
light (and I don't mean sunlight, I mean the lightboxes we have lying about as we approach the Solstice) and
we need to rock to da beat of da MOD, ya know?

Even little guinea pigs needs they's little owlies gets dark here before the sun even comes
up...what the? freak is going on? And where the owlies, somebody, PUH-Lease! Bring back those OWLS!

thank you,
yours truly,

And sometimes, i even misses ya's crazy MODS, ya's!
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